The Catou fit


A perfect fit

I believe that well tailored clothing speaks volumes about the wearer. Expert tailoring presents you in the best way possible – at work and out in the world. When you feel good in something you are wearing, you feel confident, sexy, and sophisticated.

That’s why my Catou line is focused on fit. That’s what I’m after for the man or woman that wears my clothing. Whether you are wearing a Catou tailored suit, shirt, blouse, slacks or a skirt, it should taper where you do, and drape effortlessly around your curves and muscles. The sign of great cut and great tailoring is that when you move in that piece of clothing, it moves and breathes with you.

When I tailor for men, I want to flatter your physique. Here’s what I look for when I custom tailor my clothes for men:
• ¼” of sleeve should be visible at the wrist from under your jacket
• Shirts should be tapered along the sleeves and along your sides. Too much fabric and you look heavier. Too little fabric and your buttons will pull. Neither is an option.
• Suit jackets get the same treatment. We want to slenderize your mid-section, tapering you down from your shoulders.
• Shoulders and upper arms need to provide you with room to move while sculpting your upper body favorably. Too much bulk can make you look shorter or heavier.
• Tailored pants keep your legs looking lean and clean. We remove creases or folds at the knees and ankles for a perfect break just below your ankles, slightly higher in front than in back.
It’s amazing what a difference a well-made, well-tailored wardrobe can make in how you look – and even more importantly – how you feel. It’s definitely worth treating your body to a great fitting wardrobe that fits you precisely.
~ Berny Martin

Berny Martin is the designer of Catou, a line of professional fashion wear. Edgy and elegant, flirty and sophisticated, Catou clothing makes a statement. Select your look for the season here.