Secrets to Conservative Coloring


Do you work or play in a setting that is conservative, while you desire to show your true colors?

Don’t fret.  Even though everyone may not wear leopard print in your workplace, you can still show your style through color in a way that won’t ostracize you.

Here are a few tips that will help you express yourself without breaking the mold:

-          Accessorize – Carefully select tidbits of style and color that show the true you.  Crazy socks, funky pocket squares, snazzy linings, and eye catching cuff links are all subtle ways to let your style shine.

-          Color Block – A black, gray, or blue suit may be boring, but the orange shirt and tie you’re wearing isn’t.  It is absolutely in style to wear a contrasting color with a “basic” base color.

-          Rock Colorful Undergarments – Don’t forget about your underwear!  Yes, only a select few will see it, but having your own little secret beneath the belt could be just the boost of color you need!


Berny Martin is the designer of Catou, a line of professional fashion wear.  Edgy and elegant, flirty and sophisticated, Catou clothing makes a statement.  Select your look for the season here.