Can't Button Your Collar?


An ill-fitting collar is a sure sign of a man without style.

Want to know the three tests that help you avoid this pitfall?

Ready. Set. Go.

- The 1-Finger Rule – If you can put one finger in-between your neck and the closed shirt collar, you have a perfect fit.

- The Swallow Test – Button your collar.  Swallow.  Is it uncomfortable or does it hurt to move your Adams apple?  Your collar is too tight, and you probably have a mini-muffin-top around your collar.  Not stylish.

- The Peek-a-Boo Test – Is your undershirt playing peek-a-boo with you at the top of your shirt, because you can see it over your closed collar?  If your answer is ‘yes’, you need to buy a shirt with a smaller collar.  Tying your tie tighter is not the solution to a loose collar.


Wearing a collar that fits well doesn’t take much, but it can make or break a fantastic look.  Be certain that your collar does not offend.

Berny Martin is the designer of Catou, a line of professional fashion wear.  Edgy and elegant, flirty and sophisticated, Catou clothing makes a statement.  Select your look for the season here.