Creating an Instant Wardrobe Flashback


If you want to go back to the future, check through all of the pants in your closet and wear the ones with pleats. Pleats have been dead since the 90′s, but they keep coming back like Zombies in the Read More

How to Design Your Own Clothing

Have you ever wondered how the great designers create fantastic works of clothing? Here are the steps to designing your own suit: 1.  Determine Your Style Identity – Think of a celebrity who you would love to emulate.  Now, Google Read More

It Doesn't Matter if You're Black or White

Clothing color and style selection with regard to color has changed over the last 60 years. In the mid-20th Century, light fabrics, bright colors, and broad patterns dominated the warm weather season fashion lines.  Cold weather seasons were earmarked for Read More

Getting a New Wardrobe for 70% Off


Has your weight changed recently, or do you have clothing made of beautiful fabric that is just out of style? You should have your clothes re-sized! Many of the most fashionable fashionistas even forget that a great tailor can take Read More

Why Tailored Trumps the Rack

Men and women who don’t wear tailored shirts don’t get the hype. Well, Catou blog readers, here’s your official “hype-guide” to why tailored shirts trump anything that comes off of the rack: 1.  Rack Shirts Don’t Fit – An XL Read More

Selecting Suit Lining Fabric


Want to add the secret sauce to boosting your confidence while wearing a high quality suit? Select a great lining for the jacket. When you match the lining fabric with the outer jacket, you will create an older more traditional Read More

Is it Still Cool to 'Bust a Sag'?

No.  It was never cool to bust a sag. Well, maybe it was in 1991 when Kris Kross was all the rage. This is the second decade of the 21st Century.  It’s time to step our style game up. Baggy Read More

Layer Up: It's Winter


Fall and Winter fashion is one of the best reasons to get out of bed and put on clothes in the morning. Seriously. Here are some simple tips on how to look great while layering your fall and winter gear: Read More

Catou is Hiring!


Catapult one of the hottest emerging professional menswear brands to national sales prominence. Catou ( clothing makes a statement, has been worn by some of the most prominent leaders in our country, and is featured in dozens of fashion periodicals.  Read More

TIME Magazine Features Midwest Fashion Week


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Indianapolis, IN. (October 10, 2012) Midwest Fashion Week in TIME Magazine CEO and founder of Midwest Fashion Week, Berny Martin, showcased at New York fashion week last month and this week, he was included in TIME magazine’s Read More