Berny Martin talks about quality


My grandmother taught me to focus on quality over quantity in all aspects of life. She was a wise woman, and taught me a lot about truly living my life, which is why I named my clothing line after her. Read More

Prior to wearing Catou


“Prior to wearing Catou, I never received a comment on my business attire” Brandon Emkes is a business professional who appreciates the design and fit of what he wears as much as he does the design and fit of a Read More

The Catou fit


A perfect fit

I believe that well tailored clothing speaks volumes about the wearer. Expert tailoring presents you in the best way possible – at work and out in the world. When you feel good in something you are wearing, you feel confident, Read More

About Catou


When I launched the Catou company, I named it after my grandmother Catherine, whose nickname was Catou. A sophisticated and confident woman, it was she who helped to raise me and inspired me to follow my passion for design. Whether Read More

Secrets to Conservative Coloring


Do you work or play in a setting that is conservative, while you desire to show your true colors? Don’t fret.  Even though everyone may not wear leopard print in your workplace, you can still show your style through color Read More

Take The Beltway To Fashion


  Ever wonder what color belt to wear with your outfit? The standard black and brown are still okay, but the wave of color usage in 2010s fashion allows you to be a bit more playful. White belts contrast blue, Read More

4 Steps to Spotting Sour Suits


You know all the reasons why a tailored suit is a better fit (pun intended…). When you see others who aren’t wearing clothes that fit, it communicates that they don’t pay attention to details, do not care about the impression Read More

Color-Block Your Way into Style

The rules of color are changing; and color-blocking is the key. Color-blocking is the process of wearing solid colors of clothing against a color that may not initially “seem” to “match”. Take green and purple for example, or blue and Read More

Wading Your Way into Style

Dwyane Wade shocked the world when he wore capri pants before game 4 of the NBA semi-finals in May. He looked comfortable in his get-up, but it definitely wasn’t his style. Catou has designed suits featuring capri pants for years, Read More

Can't Button Your Collar?


An ill-fitting collar is a sure sign of a man without style. Want to know the three tests that help you avoid this pitfall? Ready. Set. Go. – The 1-Finger Rule – If you can put one finger in-between your neck Read More