About Catou


When I launched the Catou company, I named it after my grandmother Catherine, whose nickname was Catou. A sophisticated and confident woman, it was she who helped to raise me and inspired me to follow my passion for design.

Whether I was studying at FIT (The Fashion Institute of Technology) or designing in Indianapolis, New York, Paris, or Chicago, my goal has always been the same: to create sophisticated, well-designed, interesting casual and business wear for men and women; clothing focused on fit.

My feeling is that clothes can absolutely “make the man” or woman. Exquisitely tailored clothing speaks volumes about the confidence and style of the wearer. Proper fit is everything

At Catou, I choose high quality fabrics from all over the world. The cloth is as likely to have come from Mozembique as Ireland. My special touches include my signature Catou back collar stripe, contrasting fabric cuffs, or peek-a-boo backs on suit jackets.

I want you to love the fit of your tailored shirts, your business jackets and your everyday wear. When something fits you perfectly, you feel terrific wearing it, and that is what Catou is all about. We are focused on fit.

The Catou blog is a great way to share a little perspective and insight on what I’m creating next. It’s a way to connect friends and clients of Catou. I can share what’s new – what’s hot – and provide important details and backstories, from noteworthy fashion previews to social events well worth supporting and attending.

Please join me here at Catou! ~ Berny Martin

Berny Martin is the designer of Catou, a line of professional fashion wear. Edgy and elegant, flirty and sophisticated, Catou clothing makes a statement. Select your look for the season here.