4 Steps to Spotting Sour Suits


You know all the reasons why a tailored suit is a better fit (pun intended…).

When you see others who aren’t wearing clothes that fit, it communicates that they don’t pay attention to details, do not care about the impression that they make with others, and can be perceived as lazy.

Here’ s how to spot those qualities with the naked eye through suit fit:

  1. Swimming Shoulders – Do the shoulders of their suit jacket (and shirt seam) line up with their own shoulders?  Many men have sagging shoulder seams.  Yuck.
  2. Pant Hem – It may be acceptable in certain parts of urban-America to have pant legs that bunch at the bottom and drag underneath the heel, but not if you want to recognized as a stylish and competent professional.
  3. Sleeve Length – Are sleeve and shirt cuffs touching their knuckles?  This could be part of “style”, or just an unaware choice made by someone who doesn’t pay attention to details.
  4. Saggy Crotch – No part of a saggy crotch that communicates anything good.  The worst of these make pants look like something that “Bozo the Clown” would wear.


Keep an astute eye on what your colleagues, employees, and friends are wearing.  It will tell you a lot about what they think of themselves and their work.

Berny Martin is the designer of Catou, a line of professional fashion wear.  Edgy and elegant, flirty and sophisticated, Catou clothing makes a statement.  Select your look for the season here.